Looking for a sure-fire hit?  Check out these top-selling games and puzzles:

1. Suspend

 We like to call this "reverse pick-up sticks" - but way more fun!  A tricky balancing game you'll be hooked on!

2. Portsmouth and Kittery 1000-pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Just as much fun for locals as for tourists, White Mountain's map puzzles are always a hit.

3. Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game

We can't say enough about this game - it's seriously amazing!  If you love Marvel Comics and card games, this is a must-play.

4. "Best Sellers" 1000-pc Jigsaw Puzzle

 Piece together this customer-favorite - a great jigsaw for the avid reader!

5. iota

 Small package, big fun!  Perfect for on-the-go gamers or traveling families!

Suspend Portsmouth Kittery Puzzle Legendary Best Sellers iota

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