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These puzzles and games are tried and true!


Forage for sets of mushrooms to cook or sell in this fun(gi) two-player card game.

Fenway Park Puzzle

Go Sox!  Cheer on New England's baseball team with this 550-piece jigsaw.


Build rows of tiles - different shapes of the same color, or different colors of the same shape - get 6 in a row for a Qwirkle!


Our #1 best-seller for two years and running mean you're sure to thrill anyone with this tricky, shifting, tipping, unbalanced balance game.

Settlers of Catan

Give your family and friends the gift of table top play with this award-winner.  It's a great way to introduce someone new to the hobby!

Morels Fenway Qwirkle Suspend Catan

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We stock familiar games such as Scrabble and Monopoly – and games you may not know, such as Catan, Dominion and Suspend. We also carry a wide variety of brainteasers, playing cards, kid's games, crossword and Sudoku books, outdoor games and kites.

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